Company profile

Kovodružstvo výrobní družstvo Plzeň

Kovodružstvo, production cooperative in Pilsen, v.d. was established by entry in the Commercial Register kept by the Regional Court in Pilsen, Section DrXXVI 55 on 8.4. 1932. After many years of development of ownership relations, Mr. Josef Pelc is the current managing director and chairman of the cooperative.

Kovodružstvo, production cooperative in Pilsen, v.d. operating in the field of light engineering. We offer comprehensive services in the field of locksmithing, toolmaking, machining and galvanizing. We look at the customer and his needs in a comprehensive way, and so we are able to offer services that meet the quality and functionality requirements while meeting the standards.


Primary goal:

The most successful company in the field of anodizing in the Pilsen region. Reliable and fast manufacturer of small series metal products.

The company's goal is to provide comprehensive services to the customer in the following areas:

  • anodizing
  • small batch and piece metal production
  • complete sheet metal processing

Much of the production is exported mainly to Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Holland and Switzerland. An important part of the cooperative's activities is also production intended for further processing in industry and supplies for foreign markets, both final products and various cooperative parts made on the basis of customer's drawings, especially machining, pressing and complete sheet metal processing. Kovodružstvo Plzeň also offers aluminum anodizing.

An important element of the solution is the optimization of costs so that the customer receives maximum quality for the money spent. Part of the company's strategy is to continuously improve the quality of the services provided, which is why the management of the cooperative decided to certify its system with the new 9100 standard in 2022.

Company commitment and long-term intentions

By continuously maintaining and improving the quality management system according to ČSN 9100, the company management is committed to continuous improvement of the management system efficiency, compliance with legislation valid both in the Czech Republic and in the customer's country.